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"It was definitely a pleasure working with you again. Your trumpet playing was a delight - it added so much! The Easter service was fantastic!"

Julie Gorman

Planning Resources

We know it's hard to choose the right ensemble and the right music for your wedding or event. To help you out, we've put together some thoughts on the different types of music, various settings, and the size and sound of brass ensembles, string groups, and woodwinds.

  • Wedding Ceremony Music
    A guide to traditional (and non-) wedding ceremony music. How many songs do I need and for whom?
  • Jewish Wedding Music
    We've got you covered with brass and string arrangements of Jewish and Klezmer standards
  • Brass Ensembles
    What's the difference between a trio, a quartet, and a quintet? Which instruments are in each?
  • String Ensembles
    What are the different string or string and brass ensembles available? What are the differences?
  • Woodwind Ensembles
    What types of woodwinds are there? Which do we recommend or offer for various settings?
  • Outdoor Wedding Ideas
    A brass, string, or woodwind ensemble is the perfect addition to an outdoor wedding - what you need to know.
  • Musical Flash Mobs
    Recreate the scene from Love Actually, or come up with your own idea, and we'll make it happen.

If there are topics you'd like to know more about, or other topics you'd like to see here, please contact us.