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Brass Ensembles

You know you like the sound of the trumpet, or at least the idea of a "regal" sound, but don't know the different instruments or possibilities in the brass genre. Look no further! We've laid out the various instruments in the brass family, typical brass ensembles, and even some of the popular brass ensemble pieces.

Brass Instruments

Brass instruments trumpet, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, tuba

Instrument Description/Notes
Trumpet Trumpets have the highest pitch of the brass instruments, equally at home in classical and jazz settings. Great for wedding pro/recessionals!
Flugelhorn Half way between trumpet and french horn, sounds like a mellow trumpet. Great for wedding preludes and cocktail hours.
French Horn A coiled brass instrument with a large range and a very colorful, mellow sound. Great when paired with trumpet or piano/organ.
Trombone Includes tenor trombone, bass trombone, and baritone/euphonium. Great low sound for trios and quartets. Also a great jazz horn.
Tuba The lowest pitch of the brass family, the tuba adds an amazing "bottom" or bass sound to a brass quintet and New Orleans style pieces.

Brass Ensembles

The size of the ensemble is up to you. This section describes the typical setup for each ensemble. If you don't see something you want, just contact us and we'll be happy to put together something just for you.

Ensemble Description/Notes
Soloist A trumpet or french horn soloist, usually with piano or organ accompaniment (provided by you or by us). Also available a capella for outdoor events, fanfares, funerals, etc.
Duo The most popular are two trumpets or trumpet and french horn, but trumpet and trombone is becoming more popular. Again, piano/organ accompaniment or a capella both sound great.
Trio Trumpet, french horn, and trombone. This is a classic ensemble and works very well for outdoor weddings, events, and more. Has a nice rounded (but smaller) sound.
Quartet Two trumpets, french horn, and trombone. Sounds like a much fuller ensemble and really fills a church or an outdoor wedding ceremony/event.
Quintet Two trumpets, french horn, trombone, tuba. The tuba adds another dimension to the sound. Perfect for graduations, outdoor weddings, and cocktail hours.

Popular Brass Pieces

This is just a sampling of pieces that are great for brass ensembles. To hear even more samples, visit our songlist section, especially the wedding and ceremonial music page.

Piece Composer Traditionally Used For... Trumpet Brass
Ave Maria Schubert Prelude/Mothers MP3  
Trumpet Voluntary Clarke Processional MP3 MP3
Rigaudon Campra Processional   MP3
Trumpet Tune Purcell Recessional MP3 MP3
Te Deum Charpentier Recessional MP3  

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